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World Burlesque Academy has a wide variety of design courses. Our instructors are here to guide and help you. Check our lessons below and choose the one that suits you best.


We just set the World Record at 155 people, we are planning to break it on Sunday 27th April 2025. Enrol now!
Do you need some tips in burlesque? Here are two 5 Steps for Burlesque Success Checklists, one is for total beginners and the other is for people wanting to level up who have started burlesque.
Learn the Burlesque Ooh La La Dance with BYO props of a Feather Boa and Cane. Includes upgrade option to perform in London UK.
Connect & commercialise, write for business impact in a 6 week course that will teach you how to leverage the press
(BY APPLICATION email to apply)
Enjoy a webinar replay from Susie Dahl of social media tips for burlesque artists & businesses

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World Burlesque Academy  is an award-winning platform and it provides endless possibilities and unique solutions, for a simple and streamlined creative process. Take high quality online courses from the best online instructors from all around the world & develop your skills.
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